The Seven Pillars

The program comprises of a number of pillars aimed at the development of the Emirati society and geared towards pushing it to greater heights and wider horizons, all through reinforcing positive behavior and raising awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.


'2021 Healthy Children' is one of the ambitious initiatives of the National Program for Government Communication. Its ultimate objective is to reduce child obesity in the UAE to 12% by the year 2021.

Obesity is a condition that leads to major deterioration of health and it is a major cause of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. In modern day societies, excessive consumption of food and lack of physical exercise has aided the spread of obesity at an alarming rate, especially among children.

In response to this malady of modern society, the National Program for Government Communication has set out its ambitious plan to reduce obesity levels to 12% by the year 2021.

"2021 Healthy Children" is an initiative run by the National Program for Government Communication that aims to fight obesity and its many accomplices by launching nationwide, awareness campaigns. The campaigns focus on changing bad eating habits and overcoming sedentary lifestyles through raising awareness and educating both the young and old.


The Emirati society is known for its adherence to strong values and principles, and for safeguarding noble customs and traditions. One such tradition is the strong family bond that is synonymous with the UAE, as a close-knit society deeply concerned with human and societal links.

Moreover, since the family has always been the first institution to teach mankind the meaning of good values, and provide a humanitarian arsenal and a moral supply, it is evidently important to dedicate a pillar, "2021 Cohesive Family", to help strengthen these bonds and reach a 95% rate of family cohesion by the year 2021.


The school is deemed to be the true originator of a prosperous character that will contribute to the nation's development. It is also the stepping-stone for spreading enlightenment and empowerment in the minds of the young generation. Hence, it is vital that we commit to enhancing our school system, for it is the only avenue that leads to the evolution of mankind and our society.

For that reason, "2021 Quality Education" stands to become the foundation that turns our school system into a vital and inseparable part of our culture, and it aims to reduce school dropput to 1% by the year 2021.


Clean energy is one of the most prominent global concerns of our time. It is a well-known fact that the earth's resources are steadily depleting due to the increasing rate of oil, fuel and coal consumption. Clean energy can play a pivotal role in conserving the planet's remaining resources, and in preserving a strategic supply of energy for future generations. It can also provide a vital alternative that will minimize the harmful emissions caused by traditional consumption, making it a sustainable source of energy.

"2021 Green Ideas" aims to raise clean energy contributions to 24% by the year 2021.


Diabetes is considered one of the most dangerous chronic diseases that can, over time, lead to more serious complications and life-threatening medical conditions. We are witnessing an increasing rate in patient numbers worldwide, making it imperative that we adopt effective measures for the surveillance and control of diabetes and its complications. It is time we start redirecting funds into prevention instead of cure.

"2021 Diabetes-free UAE" aims to decrease the prevalence rate of diabetes to less than 5% by the year 2021


The term "food security" has become prominent over the past decades and quickly morphed into a primary concern for many governments. It has become an indicator of a country's ability to provide sustenance for its people, especially with the rising food prices worldwide and the security concerns that may arise as a result.

In this regard, the UAE is blessed to be one of the leading countries in food security. Nonetheless, the National Government Communications Program has dedicated the pillar: "2021 Sustainable Food" to safeguard the future for generations to come. It ambitiously aims to decrease the rate of food wastage to 17% by the year 2021.


The culture of savings and personal financial management has become one of the most effective tools to ensure sustainable livelihoods and to improve the opportunities of future investments. The stronger the savings culture, the greater the chances for investment and economic sustainability, which can in turn ensure that the UAE becomes a pioneering business community.

"2021 Bright Future" aims to raise awareness of and promote the culture of savings and personal financial management by the year 2021.